COLLEGE READY-the Game For kids ages 9-19!

About us- 

College Ready-the Game is offered in a board game or an iOS game app version. The concept was created by Cissy Reynolds-Perez, a school principal that dreamed of helping ALL children become college and career ready.

Cissy & her sister are first generation college graduates. They, along with their families, formed Cameo Education Games LLC. 

Too many children are at an unfair advantage because they do not grow up with "college lingo" as part of their every day vocabulary. GPA, FAFSA, SAT, ACT, Subsidized, Class Rank, and other terms are like a foreign language, therefore College Ready-the Game was created to help build college readiness vocabulary in a fun game.

When children hold conversations with their school counselors they can now take charge of their educational future because they will understand the vocabulary in their preregistration schedules as they enter middle and high school and also understand the college entrance process! Students no longer need to be afraid or embarrassed to ask their teachers or counselors questions because they will be ready!

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